Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine

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Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine

New Client Discount

Rosie’s Grape Stop always welcomes new clientele, offering new customers $10 off* their first purchase of every wine brewed on the premises. Already a customer? Discover more ways to save money on your wine purchases below.

*Valid for wines brewed on premises only.

Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine

Group Rate

Buy 5 wines for brewing on premises at one time and get a 6th wine of equal or lesser value free!

Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine
Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine

Referral Discount

Already love brewing your wine with us? Do you have friends or family who might also enjoy brewing premium quality wines at affordable prices? We believe strongly in word-of-mouth marketing and would like to show our appreciation to our customers for helping our business to grow. If you bring a new customer to us who purchases wine to be brewed on the premises, you will receive $25 off of any single wine for brewing on premises that is purchased the same day

Rosie's Grape Stop | The Affordable Way to Enjoy Wine


Frequently Asked Questions about Brewing Wine & Beer at Home

Rosie’s Grape Stop is your local source for all types of home brewing supplies, as well as professional advice and information about the process and how to guarantee the best results. On this page we have gathered some of the questions we hear from our customers most often. Click on any of the topics below to jump directly to the answer. Have a question that is not addressed here? Give us a call or visit either of our two area locations to learn more.

Q: What kinds of wine can I brew?

A: Rosie’s Grape Stop has a wonderful selection of wines to choose from. Whether your preference is red or white, dry or sweet, Rosie’s Grape Stop has a wine that is just right for your tastes. Click here to browse our full selection.

Q: How long does a batch of wine take to brew?

A: Brewing time ranges from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on which wine kit is used plus desired aging time.

Q: How much wine does a wine kit produce?

A: Most wine kits produce approximately 23 litres of wine, or about 30 700ml bottles.

Q: Where do I get bottles?

A: Consumers may use their own bottles, provided they are clean and able to accept a cork. If you do not have bottles of your own, Rosie’s Grape Stop has bottles available for sale by the dozen.

Q: How do I clean my bottles?

A: The first thing you should do is to rinse your bottles at home after each use (this will prevent mould growth). For cleaning we recommend that bottles be soaked in a mild hot water and bleach solution. Never use dish soap or other detergents.

Q: When can I drink it?

A: You can drink your wine as soon as you bottle it, but the longer it sits the better it tastes. It is recommended that all wines be allowed to rest for 2 weeks after bottling. They show better after 3 months and most reds will continue to develop for up to 6 months after bottling.

Q: How long will my wine last?

A: There are no additives or preservatives in the wine, so its shelf-life depends upon how it is stored. It should be kept in a cool, dark place.

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